Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose
Crafting for dollars

By Azurahalla

I love crafting, since I was a little girl I always managed a way to make something from old scraps of material or something. My mom used to sew a lot when we were kids and I guess I picked up on some of her craftiness. Mom would sew all kinds of things. I don’t know if it was out of necessity or just because she loved to sew. Whatever her reasons, I was always fascinated by what she could do with a sewing machine. Early on mom taught me how to sew a button on a shirt, darn socks and cut patterns. Those were just a few of the things I learned from Mom and over the years i’ve adapted my own style of crafting and turned my love into a fun side-business.

Over the years i’ve made anything from purses covered in feathers ,pillows shaped like a woman’s behind to soaps, and lotions. I’ve always had a number of friends and family members that were willing to give a few bucks for some creative piece i’ve fiddled with. The extra money always comes in handy and its something I do in my spare time anyway. Sure, I haven’t made a million dollars or even put away for my son’s college education. But, i’ve had alot of fun finding new ways to be creative.

I’ve recently turned my attention to recycled items to craft with. I’ve been making regular trips to my local thrift store and finding all kinds of great stuff to craft with.The newest project is a purse made from old jeans.This is a really cool way to turn a pair of old jeans into a functional piece. So don’t throw them away,turn them into a cool purse,and maybe even sell a few.

There are all sorts of ways to turn Crafting into Dollars and I hope you have as much fun as I do. Happy crafting to you all.